Zinc Aluminium Tanks

Zincalume Aluminium Bolted Tanks, meticulously crafted to excel in challenging atmospheric conditions.

Advanced Coating Technology: Continuous zinc and aluminum coating ensures exceptional corrosion resistance, with aluminum acting as a barrier for additional steel protection, and zinc serving as sacrificial cut edge protection.

Highly Resistant Material: COEP Tanks feature steel hot-dipped and coated with a Zinc Aluminium alloy (55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc, 1.5% silicon), rendering them highly resistant to corrosion for lasting durability in diverse environments.

TWTC tanks showcase proven reliability in Municipal, Mining, Fire, Food & Beverage, Agricultural sectors, continuously improving in strength and performance based on practical industry experience.

Longevity and Warranty: Designed to last 30-35 years, TWTC tanks offer enduring quality, backed by a solid 5-year warranty for added assurance.

Technical Precision and Safety Compliance: Technical data sheets, available on request, ensure precise information. Fitted with an approved liner, preventing water contact with the wall panels and complying with drinking water safety standards.

Advantages of Zinc Aluminium Steel Tank:

  • Cost-Effective Construction: Eliminates the need for labor-intensive site welding.
  • Safety Assurance: Removes the risk of fire and explosion during erection, crucial for sites storing flammable products.
  • Efficient Construction: Allows for quick tank erection within days by a supervisor and a team of semi-skilled laborers.
  • Smart Shipping Solutions: Zincalume bolted cylindrical tank kits, reduced to one-tenth of their total volume, minimize shipping costs.
  • Quick Response: Standard panels are readily available for a speedy response to orders and delivery.

Choose our Zincalume Bolted Tanks for lasting quality, safety, and efficient liquid storage solutions.

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