GRP Two Pieces Water Tanks, designed to efficiently store drinking water.

Key Features:

  • Excellent Heat Insulation: Benefit from a four-layer structured insulated panel incorporating eco-friendly Polyurethane insulation, ensuring outstanding heat insulation.
  • Easy to Clean & Hygienic: The tank's wide manhole facilitates easy cleaning, promoting excellent hygienic conditions and watertightness.
  • Durability: Achieve top-notch surface strength and durability through the use of a high-temperature and high-pressure press machine (2,500 tons).
  • Competitive Price: Enjoy excellent price competitiveness coupled with a high-quality water tank featuring a no-tie-rod design.
  • Easy & Quick Installation: Experience hassle-free installation with the straightforward assembly of upper and lower panels.
  • Non-Skid Base Structure: Ensure earthquake resistance without the need for a concrete frame, thanks to the tank's non-skid base structure.

Choose our GRP Two Pieces Water Tank for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution to your water storage requirements.

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