Cylindrical Steel Water Tank

Cylindrical Steel Water Tank

Cylindrical Steel Water Tank, meticulously crafted from galvanized steel panels securely bolted together for unparalleled strength. Our tanks stand tall with a robust shell designed for longevity and dependable performance.

Key Features:

  • Construction: Galvanized steel panels bolted together, ensuring durability.
  • Configuration: Defined panel arrangement, thicker at the tank bottom for increased liquid pressure.
  • Stability: External rolled angles secure the shell to the foundation and fix the roof, providing additional stiffening.
  • Sealing: Options include an internal synthetic rubber membrane liner or mastic seal between overlapping plates.
  • Customization: Epoxy coating available for aesthetic site requirements.
  • Roof Cover: Corrugated deck roof for protection against rain, debris, and light. Not suitable for foot traffic.
  • Capacity: Designed to withstand hydraulic pressures, offering effective liquid storage.
  • Load Resistance: Panels overlapped and bolted, optimized for material strength and bolt yield. Vertical and horizontal seams designed to withstand stresses.
  • Foundation: Concrete foundation design is project-specific, typically the responsibility of others.
  • Liner: Synthetic rubber bag-shaped membrane matching internal dimensions, with liner protection and options approved for potable water and fire sprinklers.
  • Access: Ladders made from aluminum or galvanized steel based on requirements.
  • Connections: Various components for efficient connection to third-party pipework, available in galvanized or epoxy-coated options.

Our Cylindrical Steel Water Tank is a reliable liquid storage solution, customizable to meet diverse needs. Explore the enduring quality of our tanks, designed for strength and longevity.

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